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Looking for Professional Quality Wooden Tripods

If photography is your business, you must be looking for professional quality wooden tripods. You do not want to compromise the results of your photography services just because you buy tripods of inferior qualities. Ries Tripod has been providing quality materials since 1936. If you want to purchase additional tripods for photograph executions, you better choose them as your provider. For sure, there are a lot of things that you need to know about them, particularly their services. Hence, you better check information from their official website to see all the things that they offer.

If you want wooden tripods, you need products that are made in USA. The makers of professional quality wooden tripods are aware how the large format is utilized. Hence, they meticulously take care of the production quality of the products. If you stay somewhere in Washington, there is no way for you to find another provider. Ries wooden tripods have been considered a benchmark when it comes to photography. If you heard of Cole Weston and Ansel Adams, those people are fond of using products made of Ries. If you also want to visit the galleries of Mike Smith and Fillman Crane, you will notice that they also take advantage of Ries products.

You must have a perfect plan to venture into large format photography and fine art. Hence, getting a quality wooden tripod is important. You will see that the tripod does not only exhibit elegance. It has also a tonal response to vibration. If you want to reduce vibration significantly, you better choose the tripods made from Ries. As a photographer, you need a perfect shot. Each shot will be remembered for its superb quality. You also want to work with a company who considers you as a partner and not only as a client. If you have important questions, you better call them through their hotline or check their products online.

You must be looking for wooden tripods that are made from tone woods. Aside from being hard and strong, those woods are also light weight. They can damp vibration from any material for sure. Since they will be supporting sensitive equipment, they will under testing in fine laboratories. You must speak to the provider to know more about damping qualities of tone woods. You will also love wooden tripods because of their durability. Wood has a remarkable fatigue life. You can even expect it to last more than steel and aluminum.

Aside from that Ries Tripod also ensures that their materials can surpass any weather condition. If you need your equipment mounted on the tripod for the entire day, it will never show you any issue. You can even set the tripod in salt water. Its patented finish will surely protect the wood from the possibility of decaying. It is also essential to ask for a professional advice. Their agents are very willing to talk to clients and answer their inquires over the phone. You can also send them a detailed electronic mail.

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